Will you be falling-in this winter?

Photo from video about falling through ice

As always, try to remain calm and think things through in an emergency.
1 - Never leave your boat in gear and step off, even for a second, she's faster than you think and will run away.
2 - Never voluntarily go in the water fully clothed, chances are, no one is THAT good of a swimmer.
3 - Keep your ropes in good order, don't let them trail in the water
4 - Never ever swim up to the business end of any boat that is in gear. The prop will pull you, catch you, mangle you.(see point 2)
5 - If you go in the water fully clothed and aren't simply heading to the bank to get out, take off your boots ASAP, they weigh a lot (see point 2)
6 - The water is cold. Even in spring, the water is colder than you think, it will take your breath and then your strength. Hypothermia sets in faster than you think.
7 - Always get out of wet clothes ASAP (see point 5)
8 - If you can't start your burner because you're shaking, get someone else to do it, you clearly need it.

How to Survive a Fall Through Ice
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