How this website works

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Here you fill find details about how to use this website.

To join in, you need to register with an email address and follow the registration instructions contained in the resulting email that you get from the site.

This will allow you to log-in to the site and see all the extra pages that are available to members only. Then you can also take part in commenting and posting online. If desired you can subscribe to some pages or content types, so that you receive emails when people make comments on any particular page or the page is updated with new content, or whenever new pages of a particular kind are created.

You need to register for a London Boaters login to be able to see the members area and the site never shares your email address with other users, If you don't want to use emails, you'll still have to register with an email address, but then simply don't subscribe to any pages and instead just browse around the site as a logged-in member - you will see all the London Boaters projects and comments and can take part in commenting on the pages via the website.

If you don't want to use the website, you can still remain up-to-date on the issues that concern you by setting your subscriptions to receive emails for all types of site content, and then just leave the site alone - you will be informed about any site activity by email. This is useful if you're away from a computer, or can't surf certain websites from work, or can't get an internet connection easily, or even simply don't have a computer at all - you can still keep informed just by using a 'smart' phone which has email capability.

Of course you'll need to first have an email account somewhere, even a web-based email account will do, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

We also have a facility enabling members to contact each other directly via private message because the website doesn't share email addresses among members (unlike the old London Boaters mailing list which did), so to exchange private contact details and suchlike members may use this facility instead. Only the Site Admin will be able to contact you by email, and users may also deactivate private messaging via their Account-Edit page if they wish to only be contactable publicly (rather than privately) by other site members.

Why not register and give the site a try? We have a Projects page about Building This Website where London Boaters members can point-out problems with the site, make suggestions, discuss methods and more.

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