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Plans for Moorings on Regents Canal Spring 2013

An update on CaRT development of new online and offline 'long term' moorings as of the UGM for London spring 2013. The minutes of the meeting confirm that the failure to inform any user-groups of these plans is something CaRT will look to rectify...

Thinking of buying a boat in London?

If you're looking at boats in the capital (and you don't know boats) then beware that there are some rotten deals. Often ancient hulls that are probably pretty knackered, painted up, done up nicely inside, but being offered at a premium to people who want a cheap apartment.

Never compare a boat to a flat to decide whether it's a good deal, compare it to other boats.

The hull (and the age of the hull) is the most important thing. Try to buy as new as you can afford. Because the hull is the most difficult/expensive thing to fix. Followed by the engine. Everything else you can alter.


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